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This Is The Blog That Isn’t

Posted by crowbiz on January 7, 2008

As an inaugural blog, I have little to say. Thanks to those who have encouraged me to bother starting up; this move was intended to invite, or cajole, more traffic toward my Etsy shop and I can only hope it has something of an effect. Let me state that I am on high alert concerning this blog – specifically, I live in fear that it will degenerate into a monologue about what I ate for breakfast or what cute antics my kitty cat did today. (Not having a cat is a big help around this particular pot hole.)

Ground rules for myself, as a start:
1) No use of the terms “constantly evolving”… “installation” (except when used as a derisive description)… “put a smile on your face”… “artisan”
2) No mention of breakfast.
3) More groundrules will eventually be necessary.


7 Responses to “This Is The Blog That Isn’t”

  1. Mrs.Kwitty said

    Sooooo….what DID you have for breakfast??

    Congrats on starting a blog–have fun.
    Smiles, Karen

  2. Sky Girl Style said

    Looks great, love the color and layout. Looking forward to see when you get a cat!

  3. Kitty107/Tracey said

    WOO HOO……good for you. I haven’t taken the plunge yet….seems soooo time consuming!!!

  4. Ribbon Wand Maker said

    Hi, and welcome to the bloggersphere!

  5. DancingMooney said

    Not to worry hun! The more you blog, the more you’ll find to blog about… it happens naturally after a while…

  6. Chucka Stone Designs said

    YEA! I have been checking your blog often since you set it up to see if you’ve posted yet & lo & behold this morning I discover 3 new posts πŸ™‚ Welcome to the blog world!

  7. CrowBiz said

    Thanks for sticking it out, Chucka…
    It’s inauspicious, to say the least, but I’m hoping to gain some momentum. Must…not…mention…oatmeal….

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