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Canine Exemption Clause

Posted by crowbiz on January 8, 2008

Notice in the previous post there were no self-imposed restrictions for blabbing on about my puppy.
To spare all of you except for the hard-core boxer lovers, it’s suffice to say that we are still in the D & D Phase: Defecation and Destruction, which rarely fall under the cute umbrella (and here, hard-core boxer lovers may disagree). Thankfully, the errant tootsie rolls around the house are becoming rare (but much larger), though we’ve seen enough disemboweled Santa ornaments to last a lifetime.


2 Responses to “Canine Exemption Clause”

  1. spiralsun65 said

    We have four rats; they NEVER get out of the D & D phase…

  2. Nicole Solo said

    disemboweled santa ornaments, lol . cuuuuuuuute puppy 😉

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