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Junking It, Part 2: The Reckoning

Posted by crowbiz on January 14, 2008

It’s taken a few days to recover from the shock, but it’s time to let it go… After one of my thrift adventures last week I was shuffling through some things in the back floor of the truck. Spotting what I thought was a Lego piece, I picked it up and mentally scolded the boys for leaving parts/pieces everywhere. It appeared to be the clear plastic windscreen “mask” to a Lego-man helmet that had popped off. I picked it up to examine more closely, turning it this way and that, thinking “hmm, it sure got dirty.” Then the sickening realization set it like a many-pronged fork – it was a huge fingernail clipping, which could not have originated from our family. Much too large, thick and dirty. I could only assume it rode in on the thrift store finds. Unfortunately, in my horror, I didn’t think clearly enough to fling it outside the truck – I simply flung it away from me and somewhere back into the truck’s interior. Since then I haven’t been able to locate it. It’s….still….there…somewhere. You know though, you DO get a lot for your money at those stores.
(Walking Fish Pharoah courtesy of SonWon)


4 Responses to “Junking It, Part 2: The Reckoning”

  1. subu said

    that’s just icky. it makes me shudder to think about it.

  2. AbbieRoad said

    that’s gross! Once we had a waitress with those big fake 80’s press on nails, she delivered our pizza and left her thumb nail in the top of the pizza! Why she would put her thumb into the pizza in the first place is beyond me, but, it was a gross accident!

  3. Chucka Stone Designs said

    EEEEWWWW! lol…I hope you find it with the car vac soon!

  4. Amanda (Blake) Fall said

    …ugh! I’ve found old Kleenex and Band-Aids in my thrift store finds…but yours is by far the worst. My favorite was finding a $5 in the pocket, thus repaying me for the purchase.

    -Amanda, fellow Etsyian

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