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A Day in June

Posted by crowbiz on June 5, 2009

Nothing smarmy today!  I’m posting some pics of the back yard as a favor to all you nice folks who post pretty pics and lovely thoughts.  After sampling the usual Etsians’ blogs, I feel like a crabby troll and wish to dispel the notion that I live under a cold, scratchy rock.  Without further ado:


My favorite clematis of our current five.  As it grows, it will do a better job hiding the neighboring plastic beige house.













The not so slim shady garden

The not so slim shady garden

The “shade” garden that lost its identity after the October 2006 storm removed all the shade.  Doing better than ever.










Sailboat weathervane found by my brother-in-law.  It’s even oriented correctly.  Goes nicely with the pot-bellied woodchopper whirligig nearby.



Poppies!  Poppies!  Woo, I’m feeling sleepy.







Not bad for a roughly 20′ x 50′ rectangle.  Carefully edited out are the playhouse, which the boys and Big Daddy plan to turn into a 5000 square foot electrified boy-man hang, the compost bin, and the poop piles.  Happy June.


4 Responses to “A Day in June”

  1. dr_wisz said

    D–n, sh-t, mother f—kers, h–l… of sorry, that was meant for the last post. Nice shots.

  2. crowbiz said

    It had a nice Tourettesque flow, though

  3. You have a beautiful backyard!

  4. Wow, you have a beautiful yard!

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