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The Well-Read Citizen

Posted by crowbiz on August 7, 2009

Prologue:  So much for National Blog Posting Month, or whatever they call it.  I’ve seen reports that it encompasses both July and August, so it seems its own promoters don’t even have a handle on it.  Anyway, vacation and constant boy-presence have done a number on my writing this summer, despite my having a mental boatload of ideas early in July. 

OK, then, some thoughts.  Perhaps you’ve seen that blasted book list going around on Facebook – the one offered by the BBC which surmises that most people have read only about 6 of the 100 on the list.  Sure, many folks take issue with the selections, hoping to sound loftier by suggesting that dreary tome they partially trudged through in college should have been included, but blah, blah, and yadda.  Let me say I was utterly scrupulous in checking only the books I actually read, not ones I glanced at, skimmed, refer to, wish I’d read, or saw the movie of.  And I came up with only 35.  Come on, the Bible?  The complete works of Shakespeare?  More blah and yadda.  And I call myself educated?!  



A riveting page-turner

A riveting page-turner

Mr. Crow and I emailed a few words back and forth and decided our own list would be a realistic lifestyle revelation.  Here is what we compiled as some of our essential reading:



What’s Your Poo Telling You? (J. Richman and A. Sheth, MD)

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (T. Max)

Owner’s Manual/Integrated High Definition LCD Television (Toshiba Corp)

Aleve, Drug Facts and Directions (Bayer Healthcare LLC)

Playing the Harmonica (D. Oliver)

Stove Top Directions, Zatarain’s Jambalaya Mix (Zatarain’s)

Dental Appointment Reminder Card (J. Cart, DDS)

Magic Treehouse #41, Moonlight on the Magic Flute (M. Pope Osborne)

Your Statement and Bill (National Fuel Gas)

Take-Out Menu (Casa-di-Pizza)

Take-Out Menu (Peking Kitchen)

Take-Out Menu (India Gate)

Have a New Kid By Friday! (K. Leman, PhD)

The Handy Book of Knots (R. Penn)

Entry for Freddie Mercury (Wikipedia)

Parking Summons (City of Buffalo, Parking Violations Bureau)

No need to stop at 100 or even 500.  This could go on indefinitely, which makes us feel very well-read, indeed.





3 Responses to “The Well-Read Citizen”

  1. Genius! I would have to add my Netflix queue as well.

  2. chris said

    Cute list! though if I were to do a realistic list, I think I would have to include the things I don’t read. Like letters from my mortgage company.

  3. Gail said

    Hey, you must add “What My Pee is Telling Me” another literary giant in the Skoney household.

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