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Stella’s Dining Room

Posted by crowbiz on October 11, 2009

While shocking examples of pet spoilage can easily be found in our culture, Stella here represents a fairly normal middle-class dog existence.  She’s good in that she doesn’t whine about getting what all the other dogs have, mostly because her cognitive capacity can’t process “keeping up with the Jones” and also because she probably knows she’s lucky enough to have humans who will let her cuddle on their laps, which is like cuddling with a 50-pound sack of elbows.



Dining is serious business

Dining is serious business

Her dining area is in one corner of our kitchen, and we thought she might like a little ambience.  Candles and flower-filled vases were nixed for obvious reasons, but I did find this lovely and skillfully executed paint-by-number portrait of a cocker spaniel for 50-cents.  Really, even when you look up close it’s very well done.  Though spaniels aren’t really Stella’s kind, she does seem to like it.


5 Responses to “Stella’s Dining Room”

  1. eeevaaa said

    daisy prefers cartoons from the new yorker.

  2. elyssa said

    Oh my goodness, look at that face. Your pup is too cute. And now I don’t feel crazy for hanging up cat pictures above my cat’s dishes… I think she likes the Toonces one best.

  3. JD said

    Man, that is a cute dog. I’m thinking about getting a St Bernard and a Boxer at the same time. that’s a yard’s worth

    • crowbiz said

      Skip the St. Bernard & go directly to boxer. Not to put too fine a point on it, but St. Bernards have that long hair, and, you know, “stuff” gets stuck in long dog hair, if you get me.

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