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Recipe for Phun

Posted by crowbiz on January 21, 2010

With these gloomy days of winter upon me, it’s all I can do to avoid plunging face-down into a carbohydrate-fueled funk every day.   Here’s a little gem I found last summer in SonWon’s shorts pocket and just rediscovered among my papers this week.  It was a to-do list he had made for his 10th birthday last July.  Against all sense, we agreed to host a party and sleepover of seven boys, and G-man – normally as structured as a weed garden – decided it was monumental enough an event to actually plan out.  It’s a bit herky-jerky, with some group activities scheduled to begin before the 5:00 guest arrival time, but c’est la vie when you’re turning 10.

The Perfect Day

Though his spelling and penmanship hint strongly at “short bus,” I’m happy to say that the boy attends an honors school, which – thank god – recognizes other characteristics.

Thus I give you a breath of childhood summer:

1.  Eat breakfast

2.  Collect water guns

3.  Start war and make fort

4.  Wait for 5:00

5.  really start war

(He crossed off these first five items, but evidently, the action began in earnest after this and there was no more time to follow the protocol.)

6. dry off    split into two groups.  play Playmobile.

7.  open presents and mabe biuld one    (Confident he would get several coveted  Lego sets – it goes unsaid)

8.  Play some more, eat.

9.  watch moive

10.  “go to sleep” and draw on someones face   (Foiled!  Sadly, the intended target didn’t fall asleep first.)

11.  build more lego and go to sleep

Would that we could all have that day.


5 Responses to “Recipe for Phun”

  1. Mary said

    This list is too funny! Found you on the etsy forums!

  2. rose said

    I love it. Just love it! 😀

  3. JD said

    He’s either going to end up an architect or in Special Forces

  4. catherine said

    Love this entry! Love how they get so intensely detailed about the equipment and the fun.

    Unrelated but related. The other day, I was on an important phone call. My son had returned home from school and was strategizing about his homework. He came in to my office and wanted to talk it over with me. I waved him off, frantically. Lately, I’ve been making him write me a note while I’m on the phone rather than interrupting so he obliged me. I finished the call and looked down at what he’d left.

    It was a military map, in red pencil, with the caption,”This is how we our going to play out of attack:

    Me=our force, Enemy=Homework

    The map looked like one of those diagrammatic Civil War maps you find in a history textbook. It showed a serpentine river running down the middle with forested land on both sides and a pond to the southeast (I’m making a general assumption here that north is up.) It showed a line of troop progression with a battle point:”finish act 1 diary – english”. Then “Move west to Dad’s” (oops, that means that the pond is located to the northwest). Then “study french”. From there, the troops move north, off the map and, presumably, to the computer for some R & R gaming. I love boys humor…

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