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Buffalo Snowy Day

Posted by crowbiz on January 28, 2010

Home Snow Home

Depending on your experience with winter, file this under either “So What?” or “Oooo.”  Much as I dislike winter, I’ve been waiting for a good old-fashioned snowy day for a couple weeks now, if for no other reason than to justify life in this cold, windy, forsaken land.  It was only several inches, but still, it was good for covering up the dirty crap.

The boys were off at 7:40 am.  The bus was on time for SonToo, and SonWon decided to walk with his buddy (a one mile slog ; we ain’t raisin’ no wimps).  I got to shoveling out Mr Crow’s car and carving a little path out of the house.  Notice the cheerily blue sky; it’s nature’s ruse, as we’re set to get another five inches by dinnertime.  As I write this one hour after the photos, the skies have darkened and wave #2 is coming in, and will likely reach its worst exactly when I’m out running errands.

People think the life of a world-famous blogger and entrepreneur is a whirlwind of expense account lunches, fast-paced production sessions and prepping in the green room for my monthly appearances on the Today Show.  Not so – there is unglamorous work to be done!  I chose to out myself before I end up on one of those “celebrities without makeup” websites, so here I am in my $16 Target snowpants (Girls’ Dept.), the requisite Sorels and assorted winter gear carelessly grabbed from the front hall.

Someone visiting Buffalo once oohed and aahed over a measly few inch snowfall and asked “what it means” when we get, say, a foot of snow.  I thought for a few seconds (it would have been shorter, but I was waiting for her to say more… like, a foot of snow in three hours) and said that getting a foot of snow in a day means that you might be five minutes late to hockey practice.

Dig it!

This begs the question: "Do these $16-Target-girls-snowpants" make my butt look big?"

Lexington and Richmond

"I'm Queen of the Drift!"

4 Responses to “Buffalo Snowy Day”

  1. sister-in-law said

    So much for a snow day – it held so much promise, but not a single closing… Morning shoveling was done by the 10 year old. I started with the path to the car and was told “here let me do that” after I picked myself and jaw up off the ground, sat back and enjoyed it.

    “foot” of snow – phish that’s nothing, still have pictures of dog#1’s first snow in 1994 he was in a maze and couldn’t see over the banks that flanked the sidewalk – 3′ high. Kept looking back at me to make sure I was still following him and not swallowed up in the white world he could only see.

    • crowbiz said

      Remember the 7 feet in 4 days (late 2001)? I was pregnant with R.
      Yeah, I was totally expecting the 6:00am automated call – but nope! Just as well – errands to run without the boys.

      • sister-in-law said

        I remember that, it was between xmas & new years!

        ticker tape ran on the bottom of CNN “shorter than 6’3″ don’t go to Buffalo” made me so mad… I could still get around.

        Jazz & Hubby”s flight was canceled to NJ, so they rented a car and made it to xmas dinner with an hr to spare – I think they made the trip in under 7 hrs (a record) no one on the road except them and the plows.

        We are hardy folk!

        Preparing for a SD tomorrow, wind chill might make it happen.

        Ran my errands with son#2 he needed a mental health day, it was fun.

  2. crowbiz said

    I might add that Mr Crow pulled a Tom Sawyer on me. While taking my photo, he kept claiming he missed the flying shovelful of snow action shot, imploring me to scoop another….and another…and another. By the time he “nailed it,” half the driveway was cleared out and he was driving away, never having touched the shovel.

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