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Bowled Over

Posted by crowbiz on February 22, 2012

It’s an inauspicious return, I realize. ┬áBut after struggling with username and password for several minutes after 18 months of disuse, what better way to defibrillate the blog than with:

Bowling Haiku !

Bowling is like golf

It’s not outside, but still rocks

You use bigger balls


Polyester pants

Shoes that someone else had on

Must be Kenmore Lanes


“Dead wood on twenty”

Loudspeaker calls for some help

Another delay


You bought your own shoes

Towel, monogrammed bag, too

What, some kinda pro?


Kids play in lobby

Grabber game keeps giving treats

Wow, best glitch ever


No smoking inside

They huddle like puffing birds

Fuckin’ cold out here


Oh, seven ten split

Keep your eyes off the gutter

Whoops, maybe next time


It’s called Thruway Lanes

Because it’s near the Thruway

So you can find it


More than one hundred

Is a score I’ll never roll

I don’t bowl so much


Tendonitis hurts

Eight pound ball does not help much

Twelve pounds would kill me


Knights of Columbus

Ten frames and good french fries

God will guide your spare


Check the lost and found

Wally left his coat last night

Thought it was Lane 12


Voelker’s Bowling Lanes

Hear the mighty crash of pins

Elmwood at Amherst

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