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I Know You’re Out There

Posted by crowbiz on September 9, 2009

Every day, the search terms “bauhaus” and “canned bread” lead to my blog.

Every.  Single.  Day.



Welcome to the working worldOh, and then there are a few of you who like to watch (yeah, like that), thinking I don’t know.  Look, when I had my first job working in the Fellini-inspired Shriner’s restaurant at age 16, I got scammed a couple times by the dishwashers and cooks watching me change into my work clothes in the ladies’ room.  At the beginning of each shift, I’d go downstairs to the washroom/changing room to get into my regulation garb and put away my civvies.  I’d noticed that there would often be a flurry of rushing footsteps along the stairway after I started changing, and curiously, I’d meet a guy or two on the way upstairs once I was finished.  It took a couple times, but I put the pieces together and surmised that they were jimmying a few ceiling tiles between the men’s and ladies’ rooms and standing atop toilet tanks for the show.  So one day I went in to change, waited a moment to make sure all the guys who could fit were likely in position… and turned off the lights in the ladies’ room.  A chorus of “Whaaa?!!”  and “Oh no!!” rang out from the other side of the wall, and that was the last time I changed at work.

These here fancy blog stats sure are something.  They tell me where you came from and how many times you came back and when you were on and what brand of toilet paper you used to clean up.  Just say hi, huh?

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