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Wait – I wanted more than 15 minutes

Posted by crowbiz on April 30, 2009

As mortifying as our fame-craving culture is to me, I take great glee in providing you a link to my latest venture into the airwaves.  Because, you know, it’s always fun to deride something until it happens to you.  Then you want to ride it like a mechanical bull until you run out of change.

This news story focuses on the relative health of mom-n-pop stores in my city neighborhood, the Elmwood Village, in Buffalo, NY.  This was aired on our public station, WBFO, run out of the University at Buffalo.  Quite handily, the reporter had scads of leftover audio from a previous interview which aired on NPR’s Day To Day in March.  If we’re lucky, maybe we can cut and paste another five interviews out of it, and I won’t have to risk stepping into any more oratory poop piles.

People have been kind enough to send sweet hurray notes to me, butpage31a this expose has not been without its critics.  After I sent the link to Mr Crow, he replied via a terse email: “Awesome plug…I can hear your cough on air.”


Dig it!  CrowBiz speaks!


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Posted by crowbiz on April 28, 2009

Skeleton's Love AppleThe fabled and little-known Crow Chronicle is back, like a punch-addled fighter, for a second round in blogville.  My mummified corpse is rising slowly, shakily from a shallow and nicely padded grave, though I’d have to say my state of decay is less advanced than I feared.  It’s just a little melasma.  

Imported for sentimental pleasure are my old posts, back when I couldn’t even score the right blog name.  Pah!  Let’s see Sheryl Crow fans (a hypothetical entity), soft-core porn operators and that Australian cleaning company snag THIS CrowBiz away, huh? 

Open for business.

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