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Reasons to Go On Living

Posted by crowbiz on May 4, 2010


Here’s one, an email that came through this morning from SonWon’s school.  This is the kind of thing that can turn your day right around, good or bad:

CHS Auction – Did you end up with a wig head?

From Mrs. (—), PTSCO Auction Organizer:

Dear City Honors Families,

Thank You to all the families that attended the auction Friday night.
I hope all of you were lucky and went home with a prize.

The jewelry at the auction was displayed on wig heads. The wig heads
were purchased to be used as displays and were not part of the prize. I should
have let everyone know this that night and I am sorry that I did not do that.
If by chance you took a wig head home could you please return it to the office,
at either school, as soon as possible.

Thank You for your cooperation,

(Mrs. —)

Man, some people are gonna be pissed.


5 Responses to “Reasons to Go On Living”

  1. catherine said

    Does this mean we’re going to have to canel our polo game?!!!

  2. catherine said

    opps.. “cancel” the game. You know, the practice one for when we get the real human head.

  3. crowbiz said

    Unfortunately. I’ll call the Khans later and see if they’re up for just a few drinks at my yurt instead.

  4. I can see why they would be upset. The wig head has such a lovely pensive expression. They’ll get over it ! ~ Gracie

  5. JD said

    Dear Mrs Pitsco, What I thought was a one night stand turned into a love affair. I’m sorry but you will need find a replacement.
    An honest Buffalonian

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